Pre-engineered steel buildings - XPS Contracting Ltd.

XPS Contracting Ltd and the Permasteel Group are authorized dealers for Nucor Building Systems.

Nucor Building Systems, a division of Nucor Corporation, is one of the most flexible and diverse building manufacturers in operation today. Nucor Corporation is a Fortune 500 Company, producing steel and steel products. Nucor has been heavily involved in industrial and commercial projects for many years. Nucor has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality products and an outstanding record for customer satisfaction. Complete metal building packages can be customized and combined with other materials such as storefront glass and masonry to produce a cost effective aesthetically sound building designed for your special requirements.

Nucor Corporation is the largest recycling company in the U.S.A. We value the environment of the communities in which we operate, and recognize its importance to our employees, their families, and our continued welfare. Protecting the environment is critical to our operations and the companys long-term success. To this end, we endorse these principles to demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

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