Construction Services - XPS Contracting

As a design build contractor, XPS will take a project from concept to completion, managing the building design, permitting, and all aspects of construction.

There are many different types of construction used for the main structure of a commercial or industrial building. These would include:

  • Pre-engineered steel.
  • Conventional steel.
  • Structural concrete.
  • Load bearing masonry.
  • Wood frame construction.

In addition to the main structure there are many decisions to be made with regards to exterior finishes, interior finishes, roofing systems, glazing, mechanical systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing etc) and electrical.

XPS Contracting works with clients to determine the requirements of their business. We then are in a position to advise clients which types of construction products would best suit their needs.

We also provide project costing early in the process to ensure the building is meeting the financial requirements of the client and to steer the design accordingly.

Construction Contracts:

The majority of our contracts fit into one of two categories; fixed price and cost plus.

In a fixed price contract we typically use the CCDC 2 2008 Stipulated Price Contract (Issued by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee). This contract is used to provide the client with a guaranteed price for a described scope of work. This system is popular with clients and financial institutes because it protects the client from price fluctuations during the course of construction.

In a cost plus project we typically use the CCA 5 1988 Construction Management Contract (Issued by the Canadian Construction Association). Construction Management is often used when there is a complicated scope of work, or when the design and scope of work is evolving as the construction occurs (Large scale renovations would be a good example). In this system, XPS Contracting solicits pricing from the relevant sub-trades and presents the information to the client on an open book basis. The client pays for the actual cost of construction plus a fixed percentage or dollar fee. This system is beneficial in that it allows clients to determine where significant dollars are being spent, and what construction alternates may create cost savings.

We also provide a hybridservice where we work with the client on an open book basis during the pre-construction phase of the project, and then convert the contract to a fixed price once the project has been designed and tendered to the sub-trades (This way the client benefits from seeing the sub-trade pricing but also receives the protection of a fixed price contract).